Strawberry Cake, Moist genoise, Stable whipped cream


♥︎ Genoise (15cm/6inch)
90 cake flour
4 egg yolks
88g egg whites
95g sugar
8g corn syrup
28g butter
33g milk

♥︎ whipped cream for icing
400g heavy cream
100g mascarpone cheese
45g icing sugar

♥︎ whipped cream for Deco
100g heavy cream
25g mascarpone cheese
10g icing sugar
*It is okay to make whipped cream for icing and for decorating together.
But I just believe, it seems more stable to make a whipped cream again for decoration.

♥︎ tools
No.126 rose piping tip
No.3 round piping tip
A little pink food coloring

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