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Southern Fried Okra

Southern Fried Okra

Southern fried okra is a staple food in many households during summer, where there is an abundant of homegrown okra. Frying okra after dredging in corn meal mixture gives the slimy vegetable a crunchy texture that makes it easy to eat. Fried okra is perfect for both adult and kids who hates eating slimy okra. Yummy Kitchen version of the classic Southern fried okra is easy to follow and addictive. Give this recipe a try.
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-2 bunches of okra
-1/4 cup buttermilk
-2 tbsp cornmeal
-2 tbsp all purpose flour
-2 tsp garlic herb seasoning
-Pepper to taste

1. Prepare okra by cutting it into bite sizes.
2. Transfer to a bowl the cut up okras and soak in buttermilk for atleast 10 minutes.
3. Meanwhile, combine cornmeal, all purpose flour and seasoning. Mix until well combined.
4. Put soaked okras into the cornmeal mixture. Shake to coat the okras evenly.
5. In a hot oil, put okras and deep fry until golden and crispy.
6. When golden and crispy, remove from the pan.
7. Serve immediately with honey mustard dip or any sauces or dip you like. Enjoy!