Slow Cooked Clotted Cream

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Slow-Cooked Clotted Cream Recipe

Prep Time: 5 mins.
Cook Time: 12 hours.
Chilling Time: 12 hours.
Total Time: 24 hours 5 mins.

• 1 Cup + 3 tbsp (300ml/11 fl oz) Double/Heavy Cream.
• Use high-fat content cream.
• Do NOT use ultra pasteurised/long-life cream.

1. Pre-set the slow cooker to the warm setting.
2. Pour the double cream into an oven-proof bowl.
3. Place the dish in the slow cooker for 12 hours, I put mine in the slow cooker overnight and it’s ready in the morning.
4. When the time is up remove from the slow cooker and leave to cool at room temperature for two hours.
5. The cream will have a lovely yellow bubbly skin on top, when this sets it’s the clotted cream.
6. Cover the dish with cling wr ap and place it in the fridge for 12 hours to allow the clotted cream to form.
7. Using a spoon, remove the top layer of the clotted cream.
8. There will be liquid underneath, keep this and it can be used for making scones, or ice cream.
9. Alternatively the liquid can be used to loosen up the clotted cream if you want it to be thinner.
10. Place the clotted cream in a glass bowl or jar and cover with cling wrap.
11. Mmm Scrummy!!!


Devon or Cornish Scones?
What’s the difference between a Devon and a Cornish Scone? The answer is straightforward. In Devon, they split the scones in two and add the cream first and the jam second. Whereas in Cornwall it’s the opposite way around. They split the scones in two and add the jam first and the cream second

• The clotted cream will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days and can be frozen for 6 months.

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