Should roll the Strawberry Roll cake with strawberries.


Hello, I’m Joconde.
This cake is a strawberry roll cake that is eye catching.
Recently, I was impressed with @mioka24’s roll cake on Instagram, and I wanted to try making one too.
However, I made the cake recipe on my own.
Strawberries were inserted in mascarpone whipped cream.
The outside was rolled up with strawberry jelly, so if you take a bite, the strawberry flavor comes out.
It’s not as difficult as you think. Enjoy the video till the end and try making it once,
I think it will be a huge hit. ^^
Thank you


♥︎ Sliced Strawberries Jelly
65g water + 13g powdered gelatin
165g hot water
60g sugar
6g Kirche (cherry liqueur)
3mm thick sliced ​​strawberries as needed

♥︎ Roll Cake Sheet (25 x 25 cm)
70g egg yolks
15g sugar
85g egg whites + 43g sugar
40g cake flour
20g milk
11g melted butter


♥︎ Cream
80g mascarpone cheese
10g sugar
45g condensed milk
230g chilled heavy cream
2g vanilla bean paste

♥︎ Others
Strawberries for Inserts
Teflon sheet

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