Rules Bars Have To Follow On Bar Rescue

"Bar Rescue" host Jon Taffer has put in the work to save struggling bars. According to the fan website Bar Rescue Updates, Taffer and his crew have saved more than 200 bars since the show premiered in 2011. If you’ve ever seen the "Bar Rescue," you know that the bars featured on the series are in dire financial straits and have interpersonal issues that need resolving, too.

As with any reality TV series, there are some things that bar owners are required to do to get their business featured on the show. Taffer isn’t just saving bars. He’s trying to make a good TV show, too. These are rules bars have to follow on "Bar Rescue."


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Lies on demand | 0:00
5-day shoot | 1:19
Surprise! | 2:19
Expert advice | 3:17
All for the sponsors | 4:03
Hold on to your wallet | 5:09
Hitting the numbers | 5:56
Faces for TV | 6:59
Playing the part | 7:43
Just do it — or not | 8:27
Faking it | 9:15
The last word | 10:05
And…action! | 10:57

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