Romanian Meatball Soup (Ciorbă de Perișoare)

Romanian Meatball Soup (Ciorbă de Perișoare)

Meatball Soup Recipe (Ciorba cu perisoare)

What Is Ciorbă?
In Romanian we call these types of soups “ciorbă”.  “Ciorbă” in Romanian usually refers to sour soups with vegetables and some form of meat. They are made sour by adding either lemon juice, “borș” which is fermented wheat bran, sauerkraut juice, or sometimes even vinegar. “Ciorba de perisoare” basically means meatball soup.

The meatballs are quite simple and although I used beef in these recipe, any type of ground meat will work. I’ve made them with ground pork, even ground chicken or turkey, you could even mix the meats.

What Is Lovage?
I’ve included yet another ingredient that you may be unfamiliar with! Lovage is a Mediterranean herb that has a flavor described as a cross between parsley, celery, and curry. This soup is all about this lovage herb, it really does make it special!


400g beef mince meat
1 cup arborio rice
1 chopped onion
1 egg
2 litre chicken/beef stock (using one stock cube)
500 ml BORȘ
3 tbsp choped parsley
3 tbsp chopped lovage (aromatic herb)
salt and pepper
50 ml vegetable oil

200g mixed vegetables:
1 grated carrot
1 small grated parsnip
1 chopped pepper
1 chopped tomato
1 celery stick chopped
➡️half of the quantity goes in the meatballs and half making the soup

In order to make the soup sour you can use lemon juice, 2-3 tbsp depending on your taste. Add more if you like it more sour.
This meatball soup can be served with fresh polenta, recipe here ➡️ and lombardi peppers.

More informations about BORS here ➡️ș_(bran)

Hope you enjoy!


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