Really Weird Rules Panera Employees Are Forced To Follow

There are few national chains like Panera Bread. It’s like a fast-food restaurant in that there are hundreds of locations all over the country. But it’s also more like a local cafe or bakery than your typical fast-food spot, with its fresh bread, soup, salads, bagels, pastries, and so on.

As such, working at Panera is unlike any other fast-food job. Instead of flipping burgers and frying fries, you’re arranging the bread and ladling up soup. There are also some pretty decent perks for working at Panera, as well as some weirdness to endure. These are the really weird rules Panera employees are forced to follow.


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Employee discount restriction | 0:00
Three minutes or less | 0:57
Speedy drive-thru orders | 1:57
Imperfect baked goods display | 2:30
No charge for certain substitutions | 3:12
The old bread | 3:56

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