Really delicious, too easy, cheeseburger burrito | Beef burrito | How to Make Burrito | Tortilla

It is an easy and tasty burrito recipe.
I used beef, but it’s okay to replace it with chicken breast.

✤ Ingredients (for 2-3 people)
-200g minced beef (Chuck, tenderloin, ribs are all OK)
-1 tomato
-Half onion
-Half a green onion
-Cucumber Pickle 2
-2 tortillas (10 inches/25 cm)
– lettuce
-Cheddar Cheese 2


✤ Beef seasoning (measured by rice spoon)
-Chopped garlic 1
-Tomato spaghetti sauce 3
-Honey Mustard 1.5
-Curry powder 0.5
-Fine Red Pepper 1
-Taste 1
-A little black pepper

-I used beef neck meat.
-It is also good to use chicken breast instead of beef.
-Try the beef sauce, and if it is crispy, add more salt or tomato sauce.

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