Ranking Emeril Lagasse’s Restaurants From Worst To Best

Emeril Lagasse may no longer be the most prominent chef on television, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t on the scene. The ever-busy souther chef isn’t in front of the camera as often these days, but that’s because he’s managing multiple restaurants that bear his name. From Las Vegas to
Pennsylvania, and plenty of places in between, chef Emeril’s flair and love for well-made, straightforward dishes is on display, and diners are having all of it. We’ve arranged a priority list for Emeril restaurants, listing them from worst to best. However, you’ll likely have a good experience wherever you happen to experience the Emeril brand. Here we go ranking Emeril Lagasse’s restaurants from worst to best.

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Burgers and More by Emeril | 0:00
Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House | 1:09
Emeril’s Coastal | 1:53
Emeril’s Chop House | 2:49
NOLA Restaurant | 3:46
Meril | 4:47
Delmonico Steakhouse | 5:42
Emeril’s | 6:47
Emeril’s Delmonico | 7:56

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