Rachael Ray Made You Believe These Lies About Cooking


Rachael Ray Made You Believe These Lies About Cooking

Rachael Ray has basically done it all in the food world. She’s hosted multiple Food Network shows, won a daytime Emmy for her daily talk show, authored more than a dozen cookbooks, founded her own magazine, and even started a pet food line. Through all of that, she has clearly dished out more than her share of advice, despite calling herself "a cook, not a chef."

Much of Ray’s advice is invaluable to home cooks looking to quickly make nutritious meals for their families. But sometimes, she leads her fans astray, recommending products they don’t need, fudging the time it takes to cook something, or just making dishes that are wildly inauthentic. Here are some of the lies Rachael Ray fed you about cooking.

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Diced hot dogs | 0:00
Wine rice | 0:17
EVOO | 2:03
The garbage bowl | 2:55
Mixing cheese and fish | 3:43
Caramelizing onions | 4:22
Pre-cut veggies | 4:58

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