Pro Chef Turns Puff Pastry Into 3 Meals For Under $9 | The Smart Cook | Epicurious

Chef Dan Giusti is back with the next episode of The Smart Cook, this time showing us what’s possible with some frozen puff pastry and a little inspiration. Watch as Dan prepares a day’s worth of meals, each elevating puff pastry you’d find in your supermarket freezer aisle from the ordinary to something nutritious and delicious. The best part? All 3 dishes cost under $3 a serving.

Dan Giusti, formerly the head chef of Noma, is the founder of Brigaid, a company that places professional chefs into institutional food spaces like public schools. Brigaid chefs bring their experience, knowledge and technique to institutional kitchens to improve food quality. Similar to how Brigaid works–by bringing professional chefs into institutional spaces to apply their knowledge to new environments– The Smart Cook intends to do the same by bringing Chef Dan’s experience and knowhow into your home with delicious recipes prepared on a budget.


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