Prepare it in 5 Minutes – This lunch is now my favorite! Stuffed Peppers Recipe


Baked stuffed peppers are a simple and tasty main course. The recipe for a delicious lunch or dinner. This recipe is now my favorite. Oven-baked peppers are a quick dinner recipe. The recipe for a delicious lunch consists of simple ingredients that are usually always at hand in the refrigerator. Dinner recipe for everyone. A delicious recipe for dinner will surprise your guests. You will enjoy the quick recipe.
Very quick filled peppers, baked in the oven: filled with tomatoes, boiled ham, ricotta, cheese and seasoned with aromatic herbs. A very simple, quick recipe.


Ingredients for the baked peppers:
💖 The Main ingredient: lots of love 💖
2 bell peppers
2 tomatoes
150 g cooked ham
125 g ricotta
olive oil
1 slice of bread
1 spring onion
Salt, pepper, paprika + garlic powder to taste
110 g of grated cheese
Enjoy the Recipe!

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