Popular Steakhouses You’ll Sadly Never Eat At Again

The demise of the popular Bugaboo Creek steak house chain of restaurants didn’t just deprive people of fine dining. It also unexpectedly led to the distribution of animatronic moose heads throughout the northeast. Here are some popular steakhouses you’ll probably never eat at again.

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Beefsteak Charlie’s | 0:00
Hilltop Steakhouse | 0:55
Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon | 1:49
Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse | 2:52
Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse | 4:04
Mr. Steak | 4:57
Rustler Steak House | 5:45
Steak and Ale | 6:47
Valle’s Steak House | 8:10
Victoria Station | 9:08
York Steak House | 10:04


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Salads can be great meals! 🌱 P.S. Dahlia gets fomo when I do things without her. 👨‍👧

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