Popular Ruth’s Chris Steak House Menu Items Ranked Worst To Best

Ruth’s Chris Steak House is a restaurant chain, to be sure, but it’s also well known for offering up high-quality, well-cooked, and to be frank, expensive, food. It’s a special occasion type of place, and as such, everything on the menu, even the appetizers, are meant to be something far better than what you can make at home.

Ruth’s Chris is chiefly known for its steaks, but there are lots of other options on the menu for diners who don’t want or don’t do beef. The question is, is that stuff worth it? And which steaks offer the most flavor for your night-out dollar? We’re here to offer some guidance. Here are 25 popular Ruth’s Chris Steak House menu items, ranked worst to best.


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Lettuce Wedge | 0:00
Stuffed Chicken Breast | 1:00
Calamari | 1:46
Sweet Potato Casserole | 2:30
Lobster Mac and Cheese | 3:17
Ruth’s Chopped Salad | 4:00
Bread Pudding | 4:45
Mushrooms Stuffed with Crab Meat | 5:21
Cheesecake | 6:05
Garlic Crusted Sea Bass | 6:45
Shrimp Cocktail | 7:34
New York Strip | 8:29
Sizzling Crab Cakes Entree | 9:20
T-Bone | 10:09
Lamb Chops | 10:58
Cremini Mushrooms | 11:41
Spicy Shrimp | 12:28
Seared Ahi Tuna | 13:13
Ribeye | 14:02
Chilled Seafood Tower | 14:51
Chocolate Sin Cake | 15:47
Petite Filet and Shrimp | 16:47
Tomahawk for Two | 17:47
Veal Osso Buco Ravioli | 18:40
Porterhouse for Two | 19:23


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