Pecan pie cheesecake: the fantastic recipe to prepare for the Thanksgiving Day!

With a crunchy pecan crust, creamy brown sugar cheesecake filling, and gooey pecan pie topping, this is the ultimate holiday dessert!
For the crust:
270g (2 cups) graham crackers
100g (1 cup) pecans, finely ground
60g (¼ cup) brown sugar
120g (8 tbsp) butter, melted

For the filling:
450g cream cheese
100g (½ cup) sugar
120g (½ cup) sour cream
10ml (1 tbsp) vanilla extract
1g (¼ tsp) salt
2 eggs – lightly beaten

For the topping:
220g (1 cup) brown sugar
220ml (⅔ cup) maple syrup
60g (¼ cup) butter
3 large eggs
60ml (¼ cup) heavy cream
1g (¼ tsp) salt
260g (2 ½ cups) pecans

1. Blend the graham crackers. Pour them into a mixing bowl along with the brown sugar, crushed pecans, and melted butter. Pour the resulting mixture into a baking mold and bake at 180C/360F for 10 minutes.
2. In a mixing bowl, add cream cheese, sugar, sour cream, vanilla, and a little salt. Beat well with a mixer. Add lightly beaten eggs and mix gently. Pour the resulting mixture into the baking mold over the resulting crust.
3. Bake in a water bath at 180°C/360°F for 45 minutes.
4. Add brown sugar, maple syrup, and butter to a saucepan. Cook until well combined.
5. Pour the eggs, sour cream, and a little salt into a small bowl and whisk well.
6. Combine the resulting mixture with the mixture from the saucepan. Add pecans and let cool.
7. Pour the cooled mixture over the cheesecake. Serve.
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