Paper-thin, no-stir omelettes

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This is more a technique than a recipe. Beat one or two eggs with a tiny pinch of salt and a splash of milk or water. Get them very thin and even. If you have time, let them sit for 15 minutes with the salt in them and they’ll get even thinner.

Heat a 10-inch (25 cm) nonstick pan on low to medium-low heat and melt in a film of butter. If the butter should be just barely foaming, or not even foaming at all — the cooler the pan, the smoother the omelette surface will be. (A two-egg omelette requires a particularly cool pan.) Pour in the egg and don’t stir. Just pick up the pan and tilt it around until you have a totally even layer of curd forming.


Grate some cheese and deposit any other fillings on half of the egg surface. When the egg is just firm enough, turn off the heat, grab the unfilled side of the egg with your fingers and drape it over the other side. It’s ok if it tears a little. Then use your fingers to fold the omelette again corner-to-corner, giving you a triangle of egg. Slide it out to a plate.

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