One Pan Honey Garlic Chicken Recipe :: Chicken Breast Easy Recipe

I made Honey Garlic Butter Chicken with chicken breast.
It is not fried in oil, so it is easy to make at home.
It is also good to bake rice cakes, sweet potatoes, potatoes, sweet pumpkin, etc. together.
It’s easy to make, but it’s just as delicious as buying it.

*** Weighing is scale (g), rice spoon (tbsp), and teaspoon (tsp).

[2 servings]
✤ Materials

  • 250g, 2 Chicken breasts
  • 2 Pinches of salt
  • A little pepper powder
  • 16g (2tbsp) All purpose flour (any type)
  • 130g Rice Cake(tteok)

✤ Sauce

  • 20g (1.5tbsp) Unsalted butter
  • 18g (1tbsp) Minced garlic
  • 17g (1tbsp) Soy sauce
  • 14g (2tbsp) Vinegar
  • 56g (3.5tbsp) Honey

✤ Topping (optional)

  • Crushed red pepper
  • Fried sesame seed


  • Flour removes the smell of chicken and makes it crispy.
  • You can change to tempura powder instead of flour, but omit the salt.
  • I added vinegar, but it doesn’t taste sour.
  • You can change it to 1 chicken breast, sweet potato, potato, or sweet pumpkin instead of rice cake. However, if you bake it right away, it may not be cooked, so cook it in the microwave for about 4 minutes before baking.
  • You can also use chicken wings or chicken thighs.
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