Nothing left in the fridge! My Dad’s Quick Recipe / Creamy Flourless Dinner!

A few days ago, I offered you my dad’s midnight dessert recipe. And I’m happy that you liked it because cooking his recipes that he prepared for us when we were children always makes me feel good and allows me to revive it through. When I cook his recipes, it’s like he’s with me. Here is one that he often did to us and that he called: dinner, nothing left in the fridge! It is super simple, because when you are a father or mother of a large family, you have to know how to be imaginative, but above all it is delicious and creamy. Recipe without flour. A kind of savory flan. Good tasting !


Ingredients :
1 egg
125 ml vegetable stock (1/2 cup)
Optional: grated parmesan and parsley

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