No Sugar High Protein Makhana Dry Fruit Ladoo Recipe | Vrat Shivaratri Special Falaari Ladoo

full recipe:

makhana ladoo recipe | makhana dry fruit laddu | falaari ladoo with detailed photo and video recipe. an extremely healthy and protein-rich ladoo dessert recipe prepared with lotus seeds, dry fruits and jaggery. it is an excellent source of protein, nutrients and supplements, and hence it is typically prepared during the festival season or fasting season. it is typically prepared with a combination of lotus seeds or makhana seeds with different types of dry fruits, nuts and raisins.

makhana ladoo recipe | makhana dry fruit laddu | falaari ladoo with step by step photo and video recipe. ladoo or indian dessert recipes are purpose-based recipes that are mainly prepared for occasions and festivals. however, these are prepared mainly with sugar which gives a perfect texture and taste to the dessert but may not be good for health. yet there is certain ideal healthy dessert recipe like makhana ladoo recipe which do not compromise on the sweetness, yet an ideal healthy dessert recipe.




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