No Sugar 2 Mins Milkshake Recipes – 4 Ways | Quick & Easy Perfect Homemade Thick Summer Milkshakes

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Milkshake Recipes | 4 Perfect Homemade Milkshakes | Thick Milkshake with detailed photo and video recipe. an extremely simple and easy homemade milkshake recipe using tropical fruits, coffee, vanilla ice cream and full cream milk. it is easy and quick to prepare and can be served as a refreshing beverage, especially during the summer season. milkshake recipes can be prepared with different types of ingredients and fruit, but this post covers mango, banana, coffee and strawberry shake recipe.


Milkshake Recipes | 4 Perfect Homemade Milkshakes | Thick Milkshake with step by step photo and video recipe. it is almost summer season in india and it is the season of chilled beverages and refreshing drinks. generally, the summer heat is tackled with something simple and glucose-rich drink, but it can also be quenched with thick milk-based beverages. it basically a simple combination of full cream milk, ice cream, choice of fresh and sweet fruit blended to smooth paste.




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