NO oven! Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookies! Simple ingredients! NO Baking powder/ soda.

This is a easy and delicious microwave chocolate chip cookie recipe with simple ingredients. This cookie recipe can be used for oven cookies.

  1. Ingredients (about 10 cookies):
    1) 100 g of bread flour (Although there is a difference in texture, other type of flours can be used.)
    2) 50 g Unsalted butter
    3) 25g of brown sugar
    4) 2-3 pinches of salt
    5) 60 g chocolate bar
    6) 45~50g of any nuts
  2. Before cooking, please read the below 1) Dough
  • Don’t beat the dough for too long or strongly. Do it gently and quickly to make crispy cookies.
    -Butter, milk, eggs, etc. must be kept cool to make the cookies crispy. 2) Cooking in the microwave
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  • Time may be different depends on the condition of dough and microwave.
  • It’s a good to try small amounts to check your microwave.
  • When cooking in the microwave, it is a good idea to check cookies from time to time to take out the cookies on time.
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