No Maida No Besan Atta Steam Sev in 15 Mins – Healthy Tea Time Snack | Crispy Wheat Flour Sev Recipe

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Sev Recipe 2 Ways | Omapodi Recipe | How to make Omapodi Mixture with detailed photo and video recipe. Basically a simple and easy deep-fried snack recipe prepared with wheat and besan flour. There are several snacks we prepare during our Diwali celebrations but one snack we prepare without fail is the omapodi recipe or plain sev recipe. it is mainly prepared with spiced besan or chickpea flour dough which is then later deep-fried in medium-heat oil.


Sev Recipe 2 Ways | Omapodi Recipe | How to make Omapodi Mixturewith step-by-step photo and video recipe. Deep-fried snacks are one of the popular and easy snack recipes across India. There are several, but perhaps one of the simple yet tasty snack recipes is the deep-fried noodles or also known as plain sev. It can be made with different ingredients, but the basic one is besan or wheat flour sev snack.


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