Never Order This When You Eat At Sonic

Nobody goes to a fast food restaurant expecting to get anything that’s healthy, exactly. But even with that in mind, some things on a fast food menu are more reasonable in terms of sugar, salt, fat, and calories than others. And there are some ticking time bombs listed, too.

Take Sonic Drive-In, for example. Lots of things on the menu look appetizing, from the tater tots and coney dogs to the milkshakes and burgers. According to employees, however, some of those menu items are best avoided, either because they are even more unhealthy than the typical fast food fare, or the standard prep techniques aren’t entirely safe. So remember to never order this when you eat at Sonic.


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Sonic Blast | 0:00
Vanilla ice cream | 1:15
The condiments | 2:17
Milkshakes | 3:06
Super Sonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger | 4:14
Popcorn Chicken | 4:53
Boneless wings | 5:27
French fries | 6:17
"Sugar-free" Slush | 7:14
Breakfast burrito | 8:12

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