Neither buttercream nor whipped cream frosting.Strawberry Cupcakes.

Hi, I’m Joconde.
This video is about pretty cupcakes using strawberries.
This is my favorite vanilla cupcake recipe.
I made jam and made frosting with strawberries.
I even coated it with pink chocolate, and it looks like spring.
You can feel the warm spring.
thank you for watching!


♥︎Strawberry Jam
500g strawberries
90g sugar
13g Corn Starch
10g lemon juice

♥︎ 12 Vanilla Cupcakes
95g eggs
100g butter
110g sugar
135g cake flour
6g baking powder
45g plain yogurt
52g milk
3g vanilla bean paste

♥︎ Strawberry Italian Meringue
60g Strawberry puree
130g sugar
100g egg whites

♥︎ Dipping Chocolate
230g white chocolate
20g Strawberry flavored coating chocolate

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