My grandma’s recipe for 50 years!! Everyone is looking for this recipe. I’m giving your secret

My Grandma’s 50 Years of Recipe!! Everyone was looking for this recipe. Now I’m revealing your secret.
Unbelievably AMAZING ❗ This Will Be The Most Delicious RECIPES You’ve Ever Eaten In Your Life!


100 g butter
1.5 cups of warm milk (300 ml)
1 teaspoon of salt (6gr)
1 tablespoon of yeast (5gr)
4 cups of flour (420 g)


inner material
1 glass of oil (200 ml)
3 cups of flour (310 g)
1 pinch of salt

egg yolk on

My grandma always cooked like this! The Most Amazing Food I've Ever Had in My Life 😍 SO EASY
Cheaper Lazy Meal More Delicious Than Meat!! Your meal is ready with only FLOUR and 2 POTATOES

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