Munchies Guide to Late Night Food in Harlem

Tami Treadwell, chef and owner of Harlem Seafood Soul, brings the MUNCHIES crew for a night out in Harlem. First, she takes us to 125th street for some soul food at Melba’s that’s been "born, bred, and buttered" in Harlem, just like her. Don’t just listen to us when we say the food is incredible; you can watch Tami start to dance after tasting six different dishes.

At Ponty Bistro, a late-night West African spot on 139th, she chows down on crispy tuna, lamb, and talks ab out their dangerous martinis. Plus, she gives a little secret on the best part to eat of a whole cooked fish.


After a blunt break, Treeadwelll brings us to grab some Jamaican food at King Bark on 135th. There we see how dense and generous the portions are. And if you haven’t tried Ting, you better grab one there! Did we mention it’s open 24hrs?


00:00 Melba’s soul food
04:28 Ponty Bistro French & West African cuisine
08:37 King Bark Jamaican food

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