Moist and Fluffy Cream Cheese Bread :: Best Almond Brioche Recipe


It’s a soft bread with cream cheese inside.
It’s not difficult to make, but it looks like you bought it from a bakery.
Great for dessert with coffee.

*** Weighing is scale (g), rice spoon (Tbsp), teaspoon (tsp) (not measuring spoon)

[2~3 servings]
✤ Dough

  • 200g Bread flour
  • 4g (2tsp) Instant dry yeast
  • 20g (2Tbsp) Sugar
  • 3g (1tsp) Salt
  • 56g, 1 Room temperature egg (can be replaced with milk)
  • 30g(3Tbsp) Room temperature unsalted butter
  • 80g Warm milk

✤ Filling

  • 120g Cream cheese
  • 10g (1Tbsp) Sugar powder (sugar available)

✤ Icing and Toppings

  • 35g (3.5Tbsp) Sugar powder
  • 10g(1Tbsp) Milk
  • Sliced ​​Almonds

✤ Before Baking

  • Warm milk or egg wash

✤ After Baking

  • 15g melted butter


  • Apply cream cheese while refrigerated.
  • If you apply room temperature cream cheese, it becomes soft and it is difficult to roll the sheet.
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