Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cooking Brisket

There’s nothing quite like juicy, well-cooked brisket. Whether your inner gourmand craves a delicious smoked Texas barbecue-style dish or a perfectly cured pastrami or corned beef, the versatile cut never fails to satisfy the inner carnivore in all of us — as long as it’s cooked properly, of course! Like all cuts of red meat, there’s the right way to cook brisket … and there’s the wrong way, which often ends in a dry, chewy, and overall unappealing hunk of beef. But fear not: Taking a few steps to ensure that you’re prepping your brisket for a feast worthy of your ravenous family will ensure that your beef comes out top-notch. Just be sure to avoid these mistakes everyone makes when cooking brisket.

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Not picking good marbling | 0:00
The corned beef dilemma | 1:32
Not buying enough | 2:24
Missed the searing step | 3:20
You need to cook it longer | 4:17
Cooking brisket too hot | 5:17
Letting all the moisture escape | 6:16
Slicing brisket before resting it | 7:23
Not slicing against the grain | 8:30

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