Mistakes Everyone Makes Cooking Fried Chicken In The Air Fryer

A few years ago, the idea of making a healthier version of fried chicken that could actually live up to real fried chicken seemed almost impossible. Enter the air fryer, the countertop appliance that has won the hearts of home cooks everywhere. Air fryers have become so popular that nearly every major appliance brand has a version of one, and some of them do so much more than fry.
So how do you get perfectly fried chicken in an air fryer? It all comes down to avoiding some pretty common mistakes. From forgetting to preheat to digging in too soon, these are the mistakes everyone makes cooking fried chicken in the air fryer.


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Failing to preheat | 0:00
Not patting chicken dry | 1:16
Skimping on the seasoning | 2:14
Not breading correctly | 3:08
Using the wrong oil | 3:40
Not cooking in batches | 4:41
Not flipping the chicken | 5:36
Not lining the basket | 6:19
Setting the temperature too high | 7:10
Not using the proper settings | 7:56
Not letting it rest | 8:51
Not checking temperature | 9:49


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