Meat You Should and Shouldn’t Be Cooking In An Air Fryer

To the untrained, kitchens can be intimidating places. With so many appliances to choose from when it comes to preparing your family’s meals, choosing the right cooking method for any given entrée can be a daunting task. When it comes to your proteins of preference, your stovetop — coupled with a few pots and pans — can tackle most varieties of meat. Still, there’s a far healthier (and, arguably, easier) method: using an air fryer.


Air fryers offer a comparably guilt-free alternative to greasier, oil-heavy cooking methods when it comes to getting that delicious crispiness that comes with frying your favorite foods. And, while you can toss just about anything into an air fryer, mileage varies when it comes to a quality result — meaning there are definitely certain foods that come out of that little appliance tastier than others. These are different types of meat you should and shouldn’t be cooking in an air fryer.


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13. Steaks | 0:00
12. Whole roasts or entire chickens | 1:00
11. Bacon | 2:08
10. Burger patties | 2:57
9. Chicken wings | 4:03
8. Beef or lamb ribs | 4:56
7. Beef jerky | 5:45
6. Pork belly | 6:41
5. Meatballs | 7:38
4. Meatloaf | 8:33
3. Turkey breasts | 9:33
2. Pork chops | 10:27
1. Chicken breasts | 11:16

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