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MasterChef Canada S01 E03 Synopsis: Mystery Box 1: In their first mystery box challenge, the Top 16 had 60 minutes to make a dish using a mystery box containing a pork loin, crunchy and smooth peanut butter, bananas, semisweet chocolate, honey, and chorizo. Carly, Eric, and Marida made the three best dishes, and Marida won the challenge and immunity with her pork and noodle stir-fry with peanut vinaigrette. Subscribe:

Elimination Test 1: In the elimination challenge, the other home cooks had 60 minutes to make a dish using one of three ingredients from the Canadian land, air, and sea, and Marida picked the smelt (over the venison and duck). The judges also allowed her to save one other home cook from elimination and she saved Brooke. Pino and Dale made the two best dishes, and they became team captains in their first team challenge. Meghan, Danny and Ben were called forward for having the worst three dishes. Ben was first eliminated, but in a surprise double elimination, Meghan was also sent home.

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