Mangode Recipe – Moong Dal & Veggies Ke Pakoda – Authentic Street Style Healthy Filling Pakode

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mangode recipe | moong dal ke mangode | mangoda dal pakoda with detailed photo and video recipe. An easy and simple deep-fried snack pakoda recipe prepared with green gram dal and mixed vegetables. It is a perfect healthy monsoon or rainy season tea time snack known for its crispy and crunchy outer layer texture and soft and moist on the inside. Apart from serving as a tea-time snack, it can also be served as a side dish or as a breakfast meal due to high in protein.


mangode recipe | moong dal ke mangode | mangoda dal pakoda with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Pakoda or vada recipes are very common in Indian cuisine. It is typically prepared with flour or vegetable or a combination of both for a crispy and crunchy texture. These are typically relished for their lip-smacking savoury taste. However, there are other types of pakoda recipes known for their filling characteristic and mangode or moong dal pakoda recipes are one such recipe.



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