Make a delicious dessert in 5 minutes! Strawberry muffins recipe for breakfast(with oats)!

These easy and delicious strawberry muffins are super simple to make and taste delicious! Made with simple ingredients! Perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack!
Strawberry muffins with oats flour are the ideal choice for breakfast or a snack, and they are also very loved by children, it only takes a few minutes and they are very easy to prepare.
A simple and delicious recipe with yogurt and strawberries that you can’t resist!

Ingredients for 9 muffins:

100 g oat flakes(gluten free)
250 g yogurt
90 g strawberries
pinch of salt
5 g baking powder
2 g baking soda
40 g erythritol sweetener
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
30 ml vegetable oil / 3 tbsp
1 egg
60 g flour

bake 25-27 minutes at 180°C /360°F
vanilla sugar (optional)

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