Low calorie pancakes l low calorie breakfast recipe l Low calorie dessert

A quick, healthy breakfast recipe! Here’s another recipe for low calorie pancakes.

Try these low calorie pancakes and you’ll want to make them every single morning!

🌸 Ingredients
Egg: 1, small
Flour: 3 tablespoons
Yoghurt: 1 tablespoon
Sweetener: 1.5 teaspoons

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Here’s the calorie breakdown:

One small egg: 54 calories
Low fat yogurt: 8 calories
All purpose flour: 64 calories (3 tbsp)
And I used 0 calorie sugar (stevia or any other type) Add at least 3 tbsp preferably in the batter


Total calories= 128

I made 5 pancakes so 1 would be roughly 25 calories only!

Each pancake is 18 calories only!

Enjoy! 💗


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