Late Night Munchies: South Korea Edition

DJ and club manager Sun Gin and club owner Mino head out for a night on the town, dining at local culinary gems that dot the streets of Busan until long in the afterhours. Mino and Sun Gin head Output, one of Busan’s biggest and most popular nightclubs that hosts DJs from all over the world. Entertaining international artists with delicious Korean food is a welcome part of their job description and this time VICE is along for the tour.

They start the night with comforting mouthfuls of pork gukbap in Seomyeon and pat-bingsu in xxx, before driving out to the Haeundae District for fresh steamed snails and a live barbecued spicy garlic octopus – all washed down with rice wine, bottles of soju and a night swim at the beach. That’s just the Busan way.

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