Last minute guest recipe! Delicious creamy 3-ingredient bites!

These last-minute bites are perfect when guests come over to say hello or surprise us. Family or friends, they will enjoy these crab stick balls with cheese! A very quick recipe that helps out! The crab stick has a bad reputation and it’s a shame because it has several qualities, even if we must not forget that we must not abuse them because even if they must contain 30% min (except here in England where it is 45% in general) of flesh and fillet of white fish, they also contain a lot of lipids because of the rapeseed oil, so let’s go in moderation 🙂 Of course, they can be replaced by shrimps, sardines, mackerel, etc. Good tasting !


Ingredients :
1 spring onion
14 chopped crab sticks (you can also use sardines or mackerel).
5 tablespoons cheese spread

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