It’s No Secret Why IHOP Is So Cheap

Whether you go the traditional route and opt for pancakes first thing in the morning or you decide that there’s no better dinner than a pile of PM flapjacks, there’s never a wrong time to indulge in the (traditionally) breakfast-centric meal. Maybe that’s what makes IHOP’s many locations such beloved destinations. Although the International House of Pancakes is known for their fluffy, filling flapjacks, the chain also offers plenty of both lunch and dinner options for those seeking to satisfy their later-day cravings — and at pretty reasonable prices to boot.

Between their tasty offerings — which often comprise heaping helpings of food — and their affordable prices, it’s hard to imagine how IHOP is able to make a profit. And yet, the beloved chain continues to serve up scrumptious staples to its huge consumer-base. While some of IHOP’s cost-saving methods might be a bit surprising, it turns out that it’s no secret why IHOP is so cheap.


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Bagged eggs | 0:00
Fake syrup | 1:19
A secret ingredient | 2:09
Pre-made hash browns | 3:07
Kraft mac | 4:08
Low wages | 5:26

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