Italian Restaurant Secrets You Can Use At Home

Bolognese isn’t made right? Is too much parmesan a bad thing? Are cheese rinds useful in pasta sauce? Holy gelato there’s a lot to uncover here! Stay tuned to find out these Italian restaurant secrets you can use at home.

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Match your pasta with your sauce | 0:00
Invest in good cookware | 1:26
Know your herbs | 2:22
Don’t discard your pasta water | 3:21
Use the right olive oil | 4:13
Be patient with your sauces | 5:23
Keep your cheese rinds | 6:28
Do not overuse parmesan | 7:19
Only use the freshest ingredients | 8:22
Use a mortar and pestle | 9:27
Acquaint yourself with polenta | 10:14


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