Insider’s Favorite Dishes In Every State | 50 State Favorites

Insider's Favorite Dishes In Every State |  50 State Favorites


As you probably already know, we love telling stories about food and traveling anywhere we can to find the most delicious, mouthwatering dishes. This year, we couldn’t really do that. It was a tough year all around for everyone. So in light of finding some ~light~ in a dark 2020, what better time than now to reflect on the dishes and restaurants that make us happy? We picked our favorites, based on the places we’ve been, your responses to the stories we’ve shared, and looking back at recent videos we’ve produced for this series.

These dishes may not be the most iconic or the most representative of every state, but that doesn’t make them any less delicious or any less worthy of a bullet on your bullet list. We hope they inspire you to travel and try new dishes (when it’s safe again to do so), whether it’s to LA for the juiciest tacos you’ll never stop craving or to Alabama for the decadent orange rolls you never knew you needed.

The Most Iconic Food In Every State | 50 State Favorites

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Insider’s Favorite Dishes In Every State | 50 State Favorites

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