If you have FLOUR, BUTTER, SALT at home! Anyone can make this easy Bread! Fast and tasty!

Anyone can make this recipe easily! Bread in 10 minutes! No oven. If you have FLOUR, BUTTER, SALT at home. In this recipe, I used 2 types of flour: whole wheat flour and all-purpose wheat flour, this gives the bread a special delicious flavor. This flat bread is suitable as a wrap for any filling.


Use 200 ml glasses.

Bread Ingredients:
2 tsp salt
400 g whole grain wheat (3 cups) and 400 gr plain wheat (3 cups)
2 cups warm water

For dough layers: 120 grams of butter

It can even be used as a base for a quick pizza, just put all the ingredients on top and place in the microwave for 2 minutes.

The Tastiest Bread I Have Ever Eaten! Fast and delicious! Bread without oven
Healthy and Cheap Food for Breakfast! Why didn't I know this recipe beforeā“ Quick Breakfast

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