Iconic Canadian Foods You Need To Try Before You Die


Canada might not be the first country that comes to mind in regard to culinary travel. The Great White North is known for many things: ice hockey, awesome landscapes, and a penchant for apologizing. But the country has some pretty incredible food traditions, too.
If fried dough topped with peanut butter, chocolate, and Reese’s Pieces sounds absolutely delicious to you, then you might just be a fan of Canadian cuisine. From sweet to savory, there’s plenty to chow down on north of the border. Here are the iconic Canadian foods you need to try before you die.


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Poutine | 0:00
Tourtiere | 0:54
Maple Syrup | 1:46
Beaver Tails | 2:42
Butter Tarts | 3:32
Nanaimo Bars | 4:21
Montreal Smoked Meat | 5:18
Saskatoon Berry Pie | 6:13
Peameal Bacon | 7:11
Caesar Cocktail | 7:57
Montreal Bagels | 9:29
Tarte au Sucre | 10:46

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