I made the Viral Pasta Recipe from Tiktok! | Baked Feta Cheese Pasta | Super easy to make!


Hey Foodies! This viral Tiktok Baked Feta Pasta dish is incredibly easy to make, tasty, and it looks really good. The procedure is very simple, just bake a block of feta cheese with cherry tomatoes and plenty of olive oil, add some dried herbs and gently mashed into creamy, rich flavorful sauce, add your favorite pasta and you have a healthy and yummy gourmet dinner on the table.


300g Cherry Tomatoes
6-8 tbsp Olive Oil
7 cloves Garlic
180g Feta Cheese
1 tsp Oregano Powder
1 tsp Sage Powder
Freshly Ground Black Pepper
200g Cooked Whole Wheat Pasta
Fresh Basil Leaves

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