Huge Mistakes Everyone Makes When Making Tacos

Whether you prefer delectable proteins and veggies packed into a soft tortilla shell or you can’t get enough of that hard shell crunch, it’s tough to top a taco when a craving for casual Mexican cuisine rears its head. While there are plenty of options for the fast food aficionados out there who’d prefer a quick and easy fix, there’s something about a homemade taco that just hits different. Maybe it’s the versatility of the ingredients, which you can tailor to your tastes. Or, m aybe it’s the satisfaction that comes with putting together a truly tremendous taco! While homemade tacos are pretty flexible when it comes to preparation, there are a few things you should avoid. These are a few huge mistakes everyone makes when making tacos.


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Using flour tortillas | 0:00
Using hard-shell tortillas | 1:15
Using low-quality tortillas | 2:16
Not heating tortillas | 2:53
Not double stacking tortillas | 3:39
Overfilling tortillas | 4:11
Not layering flavors and textures | 5:03
Complicating the guacamole | 5:55
Overloading tacos with cheese | 6:53
Zero effort making salsa | 8:07
Topping fish tacos incorrectly | 8:50
Not adding a touch of citrus | 9:45


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