How To Tell If Your Eggs Are Good

Whether you’re cooking up a tasty omelet for Sunday brunch or shouldering deviled egg duty for your next family get-together, eggs are a cornerstone of cooking. Not only are they packed with nutrients, but they’re versatile, filling, and super affordable — plus, they can last a few weeks when properly refrigerated. That being said, even the strongest stomachs have likely experienced the horror of cracking that white shell open only to be greeted by the repugnant smell of a rotten egg. It stinks — literally!


But before you go lunging to your fridge to toss out your whole carton of eggs, remember: There are a few sure-fire ways to tell if your eggs are bad before you cook with them. So break out those eggs and get ready to put them to the test, because we’re taking a look at how to tell if eggs are good.


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