How to Make Tigernut Milk Without Sugar – Simple Homemade Tiger Nut Milk Drink

How to make Tigernut milk with no sugar added. Also called Horchata in Spanish and Kunu Aya (or Kunun Aya, in Hausa, in Nigeria). This is a simple homemade Tiger nut milk drink that is so refreshing and requires few ingredients. This drink is also used for making the popular Ghanian pudding called Atadwe (made with tiger nut milk and rice blended together).

– 2 cups of Tiger nuts
– 8 to 13 pieces of Dates (as sweeteners, no need for sugar).
– 1 whole small Coconut (makes the drink creamy).
– 1 tsp Vanilla (for flavoring, this is optional). Another flavoring that others may add is cinnamon powder.

How to make tiger nut milk drink:
– remove the seeds of the dates and chop the coconut into small pieces to make them easier for blending.
– Ensure you thoroughly wash the tiger nuts to get rid of the dirt.
– If you are using the dried tiger nuts, soak them for at least 12 hours before blending; that way, the milk would be released when blended and it makes it easier for blending.
– Combine all the ingredients into a powerful blender (I used a Sonik blender with a power rating of 1200 watts). You can use a commercial grinder.
– Add 4 cups of clean water to the blender and blend until it is smooth.
– Line a cheese cloth or fine sieve over a bowl and pour the tiger nut milk over it. Strain and squeeze with your clean hands to extract the tiger nut milk.
– You can discard the chaff.
– Add 1 tsp of vanilla to it and stir to combine.
– You can refrigerate for about 2 hours and enjoy or simply serve it over ice.

It is a healthy and refreshing drink that is sugar free.

Some tips:
I noticed that when you use a commercial blender, some contamination occurs during the grinding process and when left overnight, the tiger nut milk becomes slimy. To avoid getting slimy, use a blender and refrigerate always.

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