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Justin simply can’t get enough of his favorite sauce —gravy. It’s luscious, full of umami, and one of our favorite food enhancers. What else could be drizzled over all the different types of meats, veggies, and sides of a holiday meal?

Perfecting gravy is worth it—and so easy! This recipe only takes 15 minutes to complete, making it the perfect activity to begin while your bird rests once it’s out of the oven.

Pro tip! If you prefer your gravy THICK, add a little cornstarch (a couple teaspoons) into a small bowl of cold water until a thick paste forms. Slowly whisk into your gravy a little bit at a time until it reaches perfection!


Oh! And if you’re looking for a flavor punch (I mean… when are we not?) roasted garlic is your BFF.


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