How to make Classic Glazed Lemon Pound Cake


▼ Ingredients
Mould 18x8x6.5cm

Eggs 2
Sugar 90g
Lemon Zest little
Unsalted butter 100g
Cake Flour 100g
Baking Powder 1g

Icing Sugar 80g
Lemon Juice ~10ml

▼Step Instructions

  1. Beat the eggs, peel the lemon zest on the sugar
  2. Beat the butter at room temperature, add sugar in portions, and beat until the color turns pale
  3. Add the egg liquid in 5-6 times, then sift in the flour and baking powder
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  5. Pour into the mold and bake at 180°C/ 356°F for 30-35 minutes
  6. Add lemon juice to the icing in portions and pour it on the cake for decoration
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