How to make Chocolate Churros – Arranged Churro Tots From Disney Parks

This time I tried to chocolate the churros released on the popular Disney Parks channel. It was a long time behind me in the new studio …

Chocolate Churros
A – 140g Flour
A – 20g Cocoa powder
B – 240g Water
B – 114g Unsalted butter
B – 2g Salt
3 Eggs
1 ½ cup oil
Granulated sugar
200g Sweet chocolate

[How to make]

  1. Sift the A powder
  2. Put B in a pan and bring to a boil
  3. When it boils, turn the heat to low and put sifted A into the dough while mixing
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  5. If the dough is sticky to the pan, do not scrape it, prepare another bowl and transfer
  6. Let the dough rest for about 5 minutes
  7. Crack eggs and mix in several times
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  9. Squeeze on the cooking sheet with a piping bag
  10. Cut the sheets and put them in 170 ° C oil and fry them
  11. When fried, remove the oil on paper and sprinkle with granulated sugar while hot.
  12. Divide the chocolate into 3: 1 and temper using the flake method
  13. Put chocolate on churros and harden it
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