How to Make CHICKEN PARMIGIANA Like an Italian

Chicken parmigiana can be likened to Italian crumbed chicken with toppings, typically including cheese and tomato sauce, but is it Italian? NO! This is a dish which has become famous over the world and many mistaken it for being authentic but most variations are pretty un-Italian! Except, maybe, my one. As an Italian I have recreated this pub-classic with delicious authentic ingredients and believe me there is no going past this recipe for a cheesy chicken stack that is smothered in rich tomato and basil sauce. I even have two options for cheese on top, would you prefer buffalo mozzarella or burrata? Either way you will never order this out again. It might not be authentic, but I’ve created a Chicken Parmigiana that even my family would enjoy.

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0:00 Introduction to Italian Chicken Parmigiana
0:50 Welcome to Vincenzo’s Plate
1:00 Facts about Chicken Parmigiana
1:27 Ingredients for Chicken Parmigiana
2:25 Time to prepare the Chicken
3:18 The Sauce for Chicken Parmesan
4:42 Season and crumb the Chicken
6:55 Fry the Chicken Breast
8:45 Chicken Parmigiana with Buffalo Mozzarella
10:10 Chicken Parmigiana with Burrata Cheese
12:20 Time to Eat the Chicken Parmigiana, E ora si Mangia


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