How to make Almond Ruby Chocolate

Cacao! ∴∵ゞ(´ω`*) ♪
Today is Almond ruby Chocolate.
I made a chocolate dome with a heart and made it luxurious.
Recommended for Valentine!

■Ruby Chocolate almond
Unglazed almonds : 120g
Granulated sugar : 45g
Water : 18g
Unsalted butter : 8g
Rubby Chocolate : 240g
Powdered sugar : 5g
Freeze-dry powder : 5g (Recommendation is Franpoise
)※Roast if raw almonds.
1.Put granulated sugar and water in a pan and heat to 115 ° C to make caramel.
2.Stir almonds in a 1 and mix until crystallized.
3.Reheat to dissolve sugar and cook until color is achieved.
4.Turn off the heat, add butter and mix.When the thread is pulled, put it on the
oven sheet.
5.Put almonds in bowl.
6.Just melt the chocolate.
7.Add 20g of chocolate to almonds and stir.
8.Repeat when the chocolate has hardened.
9.Sprinkle powder and complete Amando Chocolat.

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